Penmaenmawr Golf Club

Course Card and Local Rules

Penmaenmawr Golf Course - Score Card

Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds
(a) In/on or beyond and hedge, fence, trench, wall or white line defining the boundary of the course.
(b) A ball lying on the areas between the white markers and the wall on the 2nd/11th fairway and surrounds when playing from the 1st/10th tees.(area beyond the wall is in-bounds).
(c) In the ruins or on the road when going to the 6th/6th/14th/15th holes.
(d) A ball lying on or beyond the 5th/14th fairway, beyond the white posts when playing the 6th/15th holes.
(e) The car park and paved surrounds of the clubhouse.
(f) The green keepers equipment and storage area.
(g) Internal out of bounds as indicated by the white posts to the left of the 4th/13th holes.

2. Moveable Obstructions (Rule 24-1)
Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions

3. Immoveable Obstructions (Rule 24-2)
(a) Staked trees
(b) The toilet on the 5th/14th fairway.
(c) The gravelled area covering the drainage pipes above the 7th/8th and 16th/17th greens.
(d) Wooden edged winter teeing areas.
(e) White posts defining out-of-bounds are deemed to be fixed on the hole where the out-of-bounds is in play. On other holes the white posts are deemed to be immovable obstructions. (Rules: 24-2, 27)

4. Water Hazards (Rule 26)
(a) Water hazards are defined by yellow posts.
(b) Lateral water hazards are defined by the red posts.

5. Abnormal Ground Conditions (Rule 25)
Areas of ground under repair will be white lined and marked G.U.R.

6. Wrong Putting Green
The two putting greens used for the winter course are wrong putting greens and relief must be taken in accordance with Rule 25-3.

All walls/gaps in walls are an integral part of the course

"I wish to congratulate your head green keeper (Mark) and his staff on an exceptionally well looked after golf course. Over almost half a century I have never seen this gem of a nine hole course in finer condition your greens have improved beyond recognition and the course over all looks an absolute picture."
Very well done to all concerned.
Yours in golf
Peter Lees
P G A professional (14/07/2014)